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September 2, 2009

The Cornell Class Blazer

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From a 1952 Morris' Men's Store advertisement:

THE BLAZER STORY (With apologies to the Philadelphia Story)

It is traditional among the Junior Classes...Each year...a new class coat with a new emblem is chosen by the future Juniors...Each new Junior class chooses a Committee (classified as the Junior Blazer Committee).

Who are empowered to choose a coat from samples that all merchants locally are asked to submit...from this group of coats that each merchant presents for the approval of the Committee...a final choice is made...This coat chosen by the Junior Blazer Committee is classified...as the Official Junior Blazer...

The store that is awarded the contract for measurements on this coat...signifies that the quality, tailoring, design and fit far surpasses any other coat that has been submitted by any other store. This year MORRIS' Men's Store was once again given this unanimous choice for the Official Junior Class Coat..(but there is always a fly in the ointment). A coat that has been submitted to the Junior Blazer Committee...and rejected by them...is now being offered to the Junior Class of 1954.

The rest of the Story is an open book. Any Junior who is interested in obtaining the final Chapter of the Junior Blazer Story...will be awarded a Blazer by turning in the culprit who borrowed the new Official Junior emblem without the consent of the Committee or MORRIS'. Bring him in dead or alive and a blazer is yours.

MORRIS' men's store
"60 Seconds From State"

[ed. note: The class coats from the 50's onward were usually navy. As seen above, the 1967 blazer was offered in camel, burgundy and navy. Earlier coats were often carnelian red (maroon, burgundy, take your pick). carnelian red with white piping, or cream with carnelian red piping. Among the local stores selected for the class coat were Morris', Browning King, and the Sport Shop.]


Richard M said...

What a lovely advertisement.

Unknown said...

I wish I had one of those when I graduated

thomaskruger281 said...

What an informative post. It very great. I wish I could have those clothes during my graduation this coming march. Do you think it is also applicable to wear a tuxedos with mens neckties during graduation? But mom prefer those suits. HELP! Thanks for the information about the blazer.