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March 26, 2010

Gentree Ltd. of New Haven

Gentree Ltd. was a men's clothier located at 194 York Street in New Haven, Connecticut. The building was owned, as were many on that street (including J. Press), by Yale University.

Lester Isenberg, Yale '31, was the proprietor of Gentree Ltd. until he sold the business to Sills, Inc., in 1978. Sills operated Gentree Ltd., with Isenberg retained in a managerial role, for about a year. In 1980 the clothing store was converted to a pub.

All articles and advertisements below appeared in the Yale Daily News from 1947 to 1948. Click each to get an enlarged image.

Article from the Yale Daily News - 10/21/1980:

Gentree label, date uncertain:


Richard M said...

Lovely stuff.

Paul said...

Gentree and J. Press (especially at Christmas) were the place to go to get the extremely special gift for my parents. A tie or sweater for Dad; a Shetland (snowflake collar) sweater-suit for Mom. My sisters and brother would all chip in.

A snowy night - down York St. shopping

White's on Chapel Street was another favorite.

Memories ----

The Squeezebox said...

So very happy to hear that J. Press is getting a major update this spring 2013 -according to menswear daily - with the creation of York Street collection.