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August 1, 2009

"I can't stand preppy boys", 1962

Prettiest Miss Like Boys -- But

It's a fortunate thing that pixie-like Jean Leslie Allen has never depended on boys.

Now that she's won the national junior miss contest, the daughter of a Providence, RI, pediatrician finds shes' getting a stream of phone calls from boys who "just want to go out with a title."

On the other hand, the boys she would enjoy dating don't call because of her sudden fame.

Fortunately, Jean has her feet very much on the ground, and continues to enjoy the houseful of kids ever present in a family of five children. She's noticed that when her brother, a student at Brown University, brings dates over, that she's subjected to more scrutiny than usual, but she remains unconcerned.

Jean knows the kind of boys she likes - and doesn't like. "I can't stand preppy boys. They all look alike. The Harvard haircut, the identical sports clothes. Boys my age try to (sic) hard to conform. That's why I prefer boys a little older."

Complete article:

The Free-Lance Star - 5/1/62


Richard M said...

I can't stand snotty girls.

Charles von Hamm said...

I know Jean Allen. She is one of the sweetest and kindest women I have ever met.