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July 31, 2009

Hippies Win Fashion Revolution on Campus, 1971

from The Hippy's Handbook, Ruth Bronsteen, 1967

Hippies Win Fashion Revolution on Campus

There is grim news from the National Association of Men's Sportswear Buyers (NAMSB). The mood in the colleges of the nation has created a fashion vacuum on the campuses. The hippies and hard times have won out.

The NAMSB surveyed the fashion picture at the leading colleges and universities throughout the United States and came up with the dismal conclusion that campuses will be a vast sea of blue jeans - patched, frayed, embroidered and cut off blue jeans.

The only ray of light is the report that chinos, or suntans as the army used to call them, are on the upswing - and occasional sparkle of buff among the washed out blues. But that is merely a swing toward Army-Navy clothes and not much help.

The Ivy League look as it used to be called died in the recent fashion revolution and the slope-shouldered, three-button jacket is almost a thing of the past. The suits and sports jackets being worn are strictly for special occasions.

Complete article:

UPI - 9/2/71

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