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July 8, 2009

IZOD presents the Famous Lacoste, 1956

(click to enlarge)

Gentry Magazine, Summer 1956, via Gypsy Wear Vintage

The Izod "India madras look":


longwing said...

I hope you're gonna give us the following seven pages.

heavy tweed jacket said...

I second longwing's comment. Interesting to see that Lacoste seems to have always offered a wide selection of colors.

3button Max said...

great ad- enjoying the posts

Anonymous said...

At least into the mid-70s Lacoste really did make the best (as far as I could tell) "polo" shirts. Their (near) demise as quality (adult) garment a few years later is a great example of how so-called brand management can have a short term success but eventually destroy the product that stared it all (e.g., Eddie Bauer).

Charles G. said...

When Lacoste markets their shirt as the original article aren't they pushing the idea that the essential design hasn't changed? What happened to the mysterious long tails?

The Look said...

LW and HTJ, please click on the link to 'Gypsy Wear Vintage' to view the other pages. The madras looks nice, but I passed on the others (including the strange patchwork gingham).