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May 1, 2009

Shifts are usually minor

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The slightest ripple in this calm is hailed as a tidal wave. There's so little real excitement in the men's fashion world that its leaders are reduced to grasping at buttons. Thus, the return of the two-button suit, sparked by Mr. Kennedy, has practically caused dancing in the streets, even though tailors admit that the three-button suit is holding its own, especially among members of the opposition party.

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The last "revolution in the appearance of the American man was the Ivy League look of the last decade. Was it a revolution of was it an example of the few finally dominating the many? After all, large numbers of influential men had been wearing Ivy League suits all along. The rest of the country finally gave up trying to lick them and decided to join them, which is to say, they followed suit.


Revolution! - NYT - 4/1/62 (with article images from Decline & Fall, FNB Talk Ivy Forum)

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