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This blog will not present modern-day iterations of this "look"; it will be shown in its original context as an American style worn during this specific era. Author commentary will be kept to a minimum.

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January 19, 2013

White Bucks, 1953

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The Daily Princetonian - 1/21/53

On a Monday morning in the fall of 1952, Peter Hulit left his Princeton shoe store and walked the short distance to Albert Einstein’s home at 112 Mercer Street. Einstein’s secretary, Helen Dukas, had asked Hulit to make an emergency house call because Einstein was having a problem with sore feet. “This magnificent guy came down the stairs,” Hulit recalls, “smoking his pipe, and he whipped this folded piece of paper out of his pocket and said, ‘Zis is ze problem, Mr. Hulit.’”

Source: "Feet of Genius" - Cabinet Magazine, Fall 2006

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