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October 22, 2011

Camel's Back, 1958

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The New Yorker - 10/25/58

Shortly after the close of the World War, S. Stroock & Co., Inc., in its own laboratories, and with the aid of specialized chemists, skilled textile machinery technicians and intensively drilled workmen, began in its mills at Newburgh-on-Hudson, N.Y., a series of exhaustive experiments with the determination to produce commercially a cloth of 100% pure,  fine camel hair through the exhaustive use of the "noil" and the finest portion of the No. 1 Quality fibre after continuous combing. [. . .] The accomplishment of this task, the development by Stroock of this wholly-new method of processing 100% pure, fine camel hair - the production of a cloth "fit for a king," yet available to all - is today still one of the rare and outstanding achievements of Western World textile manufacturing, and so recognized throughout the length and breadth of Occidental countries.


The Story of Camel Hair by S. Stroock & Co., 1936

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The Evening News - 11/8/68


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The Evening News - 6/15/85


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Nicely done!

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The graphic layout, colour scheme, photography and "attitude" in the ad is so well done, and so fresh to view.
Thank you for the posting.