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September 20, 2010

A Princeton Man, 1939

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A Princeton Man, yes. You could hardly miss him. Tweeds and a good pipe and that sort of thing. He's handsome in an orthodox manner-- looks a bit like a collegiate clothes-model in Esquire. Fresh, the lady novelists would call him. He likes week-ends and New York, gets sentimental over the Tiger and a glass of beer.


"You Can't Tell a Harvard Man"  Harvard Crimson - 9/26/39

Image Source:

(Esquire, September 1938) Permanent Style: Big-scale tweeds and the right cap


Anonymous said...

Notice how in the above article the Dartmouth Man is accompanied by woman; can't say as much for that Princeton or Harvard Man.

Anonymous said...

hate to break it to you, but this illustration is distinctly inside the courtyard of Branford College at Yale. Note the Saybrook tower in the background and the curve of the walkway that give it away as definitely being Branford.

katon said...

A good point, anon. The image was mostly in reference to the quote "looks a bit like a collegiate clothes-model in Esquire.", being from the year previous to the article. Perhaps a Harvard man's opinion of Princeton men is that they look like Esquire's interpretation of Yale men? :) I'm always on the look-out for vintage Esquire scans... if a more accurate picture pops up, send me a link and I'll post it.