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March 19, 2010

Mufti Muster, 1955

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New civvies come in khaki and o.d.

The two newest colors in male clothing this fall are khaki and olive drab -- colors which men swore 10 years ago they were taking off for good. Although the new mufti looks as military as a salute, it is an outgrowth of the khaki and olive green cotton suits which "Ivy look" wearers (LIFE, Nov. 22, 1954) have take up as a summer alternative to charcoal flannel. Manufacturers have now expanded their selection, and light tans and muddy greens appear in sports car clothes, jackets, raincoats, business suits. A peacetime platoon of college students and young businessmen (below) shows how closely the outfits match up to 3rd Infantry uniforms (left). In their civilian status, khaki and o.d. will probably be worn by conservative males with white shirts and black knit ties, but more venturesome wearers may prefer checked shirts which are also new for town.


LIFE magazine - 10/24/55

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Richard M said...

When young adults looked like adults.