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November 4, 2009

Milton's Magic M-2 Tapered Traditionals

(click to enlarge)

"...Milton's exclusive M-2 roll button-down - the shirt that has obsoleted all others and has taken the country by storm through our New Yorker ads."


Georgia Tech's student newspaper, "The Technique" - 5/24/63

[Let me know if you can spot the typo]


Scott said...

Under a "packet"? What kind of packets were cool at GT? Blazers? Tweeds?


OldSchool said...

Even more serious is "obsoleted all others" for "made all others obsolete", there being no verb "to obsolete", unless it is peculiar to the Georgian dialect spoken by those who wear packets.

3button Max said...

in student paper but has that New yorker ad look--

Tucker said...

Yes, I'm sure that "packet" should have been "jacket."

Since Milton's was based in Chapel Hill I'll blame this on the North Carolinians.