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October 1, 2009

Private Eye in Ivy Style, 1959

(click each to enlarge)

"He likes Ivy League clothes, sophisticated women and cool modern jazz."


LIFE magazine - 5/11/59


Richard M said...

He was sort of a "poor man's" Cary Grant. I always liked the theme song.

Brian Sheridan said...

Poor man's Cary Grant is being rather harsh. The show is amazingly good even by today's standards. It is hard to believe they packed it all into a mere 1/2 hour. The techniques pioneered on the show are still used today. I would love to see the rest of the article posted. It seems to be missing the first jump page. GUNN RULES!

Tucker said...

Brian, that is the complete article. Only the advertisements comprising the lower portions of pages 62 and 63 were omitted.

Brian Sheridan said...

Oh sorry...I took the colon at the end of the sentence to mean there was more copy on another page. But was the caption for the photo to the left. Thanks again for the great posting!!!

Richard M said...

Brian: I meant no criticism of Craig Stevens-I was quoting an old article. I liked the look, and liked the show's sophisticated edge-and that theme song!