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October 14, 2009

Brooks Brothers, 1952

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Cornell Daily Sun - 4/17/52


3button Max said...

what a great looking suit-before "fashion Ivy" super trim c 19 54 -and onward-comparison to Hart shaffner in Marx shows that direction.. brooks kept wider lapel and held off slimming down the silhouette--
i wonder if the "ivy image", if it resonates today, is seen through the prism of late 50s 60s magazines and old tv shows-in its high fashion incarnation m ore botany 5o0 viz Robert Hlll than Brooks and Press

Anonymous said...

A suit for undergraduates. Wow! A lot of undergraduates today don't even own a pair of shoes suitable to wear with a suit,much less a suit.

BTW, that $85 price tag equates to about $690 in today's dollars.

Richard M said...

And it would look good today. my first good suit was a BB University shop circa 1960-better than any of their stuff today-a 3 piece charcoal unfinished worsted.