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September 25, 2009

Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co., 1958

"Friday Night Schlitzfry"

Say that three times fast.


Part II coming next Friday.


trip said...

Oh, is this at Don Draper's house?

The Look said...

Don's beer of choice was Fielding (an anachronism) and, later, Betty bought a case of Heineken. But the decor is close, even though that is certainly a restaurant or club of some kind.

Chens said...


Scott said...

Somehow, even to this day, "out of Schlitz" is a fairly common expression in the US Military. I work in the Joint world, and have heard it from all the services, I think. Gawd, how I like crap that doesn't change...


heavy tweed jacket said...

Schlitzfry -I love it.

David V said...

Schlitz has returned and in the "original" process too.