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June 1, 2009

Ivy League Look is Now Thing of Past, 1958

Fashion Experts Say Ivy League Look Is Now Thing of Past

The California Men's Apparel Club, currently conducting showings for buyers here, says the Ivy League look is a thing of the past. It's retreating to the Eastern campuses whence it came.

"The young executive look is the thing now," a Calmac spokesman said.

What's the difference?

The "young executive" is not so tight or short in the trouser legs.

"More what a young banker would wear," the spokesman observed.

Other trends: Colors are dark. Ties are a little wider and whiter, the three-button sack suit is still tops, materials are lighter in weight and synthetics are king.


Ocala (Florida) Star Banner - 1/13/58

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Anonymous said...

Interesting to see that fashion forecasters are no better than their counterparts in the stock market, real estate or weather businesses