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June 28, 2009

The Heartbreak Campaign, 1968

(click to see uncropped original)

"In 1968, with the country divided over the war in Vietnam, the Democratic Party struggled to rally behind a candidate. Amid this political turbulence, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, guided by a set of principles and his burning opposition to the war, entered the race. The party establishment reacted with dismay, but his candidacy, coming just five years after the assassination of his brother John F. Kennedy, filled the electorate with hope—a hope that met a violent end just a few months later."


Vanity Fair and the Google LIFE photo archive (with inspiration from FNB Talk Ivy)


Richard M said...

I, for one, was broken-hearted. Incidentally, Bobby's suits were by Chipp.

serendipitous said...

Thanks for sharing. Being someone who pays close attention to detail - at times - I couldn't help but notice: In the first picture, the little gentleman on the left - the bottom button is buttoned instead of the top one of his blazer. His brother on the right, however, buttoned his correctly. You might think that a family like the Kennedys with their sense of style would have caught that before the camera did.

Richard M said...

Serendipitous: JFK sometimes buttoned only the bottom of his 2-button jacket.