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May 21, 2009

College Men Know Their Pendletons, 1958

(click to enlarge)

"On campus, it's Pendleton cum laude!"


SI - 9/1/58


OldSchool said...

Suits and hats to go to a footbal game!

People don't even go to funerals that way, anymore.

3button Max said...

great ad--
I have 2 of these jackets..

Anonymous said...

Had one of those jackets 35 years ago.

Pendleton still has some good stuff.

Nostalgic Patriot said...

I have that exact same jacket in a different color. It is almost completely unlined--just a touch in the shoulders. It was my dear departed grandfather's jacket, one that he wore for yardwork. He had a few of them; I don't know what happened to the others.

I also have one of his old Pendleton shirts, as well as a couple of my own Pendleton blankets. All of these things were made in the good old US of A. Now it seems that their woolens are foreign made of US fabrics, and everything else is just plain "imported." So sad.