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April 7, 2009

Country Corduroy

As the population trend shifts from city to suburb, a new way of dress is developing, an amalgamation of the rustic clothes of the country and the more formal clothes of the city. The result is often spoken of as "suburban" and the look of it is seen in brighter shirts, more casual shoes and easier fitting suits than a man would wear in town. These clothes will take a man anywhere that tweeds will go—to stadium and field events and even casual cocktail parties. The best of the suburban suits are those made of corduroy. In fabrics with both wide and narrow ribs, in colors ranging from tans to fall's new greens, they've been trimmed with leather for added wearability and dash. Newest corduroy suit is Brooks Brothers' Dacron-cotton Brookscord. For the first time, a corduroy has been made of a Dacron and cotton blend, giving the fabric lightness and wrinkle resistance. Where to buy? See below.

Brookscord suit (Brooks Bros., $58) of Dacron and cotton is newest corduroy suit. Bill Clune wears it with checked shirt. Jane Ball's long-line corduroy suit is by Claire McCardell ($50).

Huntcord suit ($53.50) of all-cotton corduroy is worn by Norbert Ford on his Lebanon, New Jersey farm. The suit has leather trim on pockets of both jacket and trousers for long wear.

Wide-wale corduroy of Robert Cleary's suit is trimmed with contrasting leather on collar and pocket ($55). His thornproof knit shirt is of Orion and wool (Activair, $15).

Backstrap belt of Cleary's suit eliminates need for other belt, is of leather as is pocket trim.

Backstrap cap matches suit to left, has leather belted back, trim on beak (Bressler, $4).

HUNTCORD SUIT: Abercrombie & Fitch, New York; L. S. Ayres, Indianapolis; Boyd's, St. Louis; Carroll & Co., Beverly Hills; Frank Bros., San Antonio; Halle Bros., Cleveland; Robert Kirk, San Francisco; Jacob Reed's, Philadelphia; Von Lengerke & Antoine, Chicago.

WIDE-WALE SUIT: White-house & Hardy, New York, Detroit; Atkinson's, Los Angeles; B. R. Baker, Cleveland; Boyd's, St. Louis; MacNeil & Moore, Madison; M. O'Neil, Akron; Thalhimer's, Richmond.


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